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sake's Journal
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Below are the 16 most recent journal entries recorded in sake's LiveJournal:

Thursday, May 19th, 2005
10:06 am
livejournal is very dusty for me. geez, whens the last time i updated this shit? oh well. xanga's the way for me. XD.
anyway. today is starting off at a very slow, painful pace. i feel like skipping. again. ;-; you shouldve seen this morning. i was lagging =\ i straightened my hair, watched tv, and did the bad deed. yeah. i started smoking again. le gasp. what can i say. i am undergoing a tonage of stress. just ask stephan.
Friday, March 4th, 2005
9:30 am
i need tylenol. my head is effing throbbing all week. :( -complain complain-
xD. i get off early today, so im gonna go to joanna's house afterwards since i have nothing else better to do. later on today though, stephan is gonna go out to eat with all of us [my family] at applebee's ^^ i cant wait.
Friday, February 18th, 2005
9:41 am
livejournal. sigh.

Current Mood: gloomy
Thursday, January 20th, 2005
9:50 am
im in computer science again [obviously] i can only update this journal in this class x_x well. my whole body hurts because i excercized this morning on my ab lounge xD. there's nothing much planned for today. i get my off period, so ill just go home and get the rest of my needed sleep. but tomorrow, hopefully i can spend the night @ aki's house and we can watch rush hour 2 and porn all night!! ROFL
Monday, November 29th, 2004
10:20 am
I am...uncomfortable. I feel kinda damp for some reason, and I hate that feeling now. i think its my stupid jacket. either, its shrinking, or im getting bigger o_o hm. well, it IS from wal-mart --
man, i am having such a bad-hair day today. i woke up, looking like a witch, so i started brushing and brushing it, but it just made it worst, so i started to try and straighten it, but that didnt work, either. SO, now i have it up. >/ i feel so bad. class is about to end, so i might go now. i got a pass from the couselor's office just now, telling me to go when its' convenient. phft. i might not even go. too lazy, plus i dont even know where the junior office xD i ONCE knew where it was, but then i tried to go back there 5 minutes later, and i got lost. anyway. im too tired to remember what i did this week/thanksgiving holiday, all i know that it just sucked. i didnt like it cause it went by too fast plus, me n bobby forgot to do our history homework. that little bastard went home and got his shit/skipped 1st period. rooar. i keep yawning and im still very sore from aiko's party and excercising on my beloved ab lounge xDD my cat keeps sleeping on it, which is very cute cause it sinks down and he looks all fat LOL <3 i heart sion ;-; he's starting to follow me around again, like he did when he was a kitten. those were good times. i wish he was still a little killy. he meowed all small and freaked out whenever we left him alone at the house. my little baby's all grown up.
i remember. i had a weird dream last night. hell, ive been having alot of dreams all week, which is kinda different. i went for sooo long without any dreams, and now, they just pop back after a while. well, i cant remember what it was about; i only know that i had it, so forget it.
..my hair is..frizzy. -smooth smooth-

Current Mood: pensive
Tuesday, November 16th, 2004
10:01 am
MMMMMOOOOOAAAANN. ok xD. im tired as FUCK. -snore- and my stomach hurts again. prolly cause of my stupid menstration..i know i spelled that wrong. anyway. hmm. im thinking of making a new lj account...cuz i miss my victimization account too much ;-; soooo, i gotta think of a whole NEW name. dha;dgha;gh MEANWHILE <333 ima head on over to my beloved diru site to listen to Saku. ahaha. i nearly typed sake xDD

my new account is miseru

cause 'sake' and 'aseru' were already taken. but..both stealable O_O LOL. xDD

Current Mood: blah
Friday, November 12th, 2004
10:00 am
ugh. i started yesterday, but today is the "official" starting time for me...so it kinda hurts. -dying- i feel like my fuckin' stomach is gonna pop out of me. i bbrought some aleve so i might take that a little later on today. why does god do this to me?

Current Mood: crappy
Wednesday, November 10th, 2004
10:05 am
gum is a grat invention. i actually ate breakfast this morning and it gave me bad breath O_O anyways. 5th period again. so pointless. im so sleepy, cause my fuckin' alarm clock keeps thinking that i set it on 5 oclock when i set it to 6 30. i had some weird ass dreams last night and theyre'..kinda bugging me cause before when i had them...it was bad. xDD no need to get into the details. anyway. i went to aki's house this morning to see daisuke, but he wasnt there [ponder ponder], so we just went to school and i found out that he was already there, so we went to class and such. kinda awkward.
lastely, ive been getting lots and lots of headaches and they keep me up at night until like...12-1 oclock xDD ;-; i remember easrlier this year, i got them due to my..ahem. O_O; put 2 and 2 together, dears.

Current Mood: dead
Monday, November 8th, 2004
9:58 am
im in 5th period right now and the teacher is doing something else, so i can type..briefly. xDD god, my stomach just now started hurting and right before we got onto the computers, i was about to fall asleep, but then we had to go and do the stupid lab >/ so here i am. almost the 12th almost the 12th almost the 12th! -die- i..cant wait.
XD. i had to stop right there and finish my work. Im done! xD some..weird program stuff, but we just have to go and copy it down, so it was nothing huge o_o
Hmm. Since i can never get on this site anymore, thanks to the 'Bsecure' shit monitoring my own computer, i have to type it all right now --;
Welll, yesterday. It was..fine, I guess. O_o it would be if i could remember. give me a minute.
oh wait. nevermind. it was just sunday -- boring boring boring. well...wait. i went over to joanna's house and hung out there for a little while until it got dark at fuckin' SIX. bitches. that's the only bad thing about the time savings thing. ya get more sleep, but then it gets darker too soon. if ONLY i had a better effin' curfew. 6 oclock...--
Yeah, yesterday when i was at church, i just sat there as usual during service, spacing out and not paying attention >_>; i get in trouble for int sometimes, but its SOO BORING. i wanted to die last week cause our pastor kept talkin' and talkin' and everyone was ready to leave and wanting to go.
k. anyways.
i got to school early today, so i just sat on the little benchlike rock...iuasgdiaushi dont know what theyre called, but i sat on them. there. i..saw daisuke over with bunches of people that i didnt know so i just walked right on by and blah. =|
O_O -celebrate- Those peoples next to me finally put on some reasonable shit instead of rap! its techno, but i can stand that. hell, i actually like it. Shwartz Stein, man. I nearly bought a mois dix moix (sp? too lazy to remember --) earlier this year out of curiousity, but i never got around to it. im planning on buying a nightmare cd and/or another dir en grey single xDD there are..others i wanted but i ain't that right anymore ;-; my poor kami cd never got purchased either >/
k. i need to stop.

Current Mood: exanimate
Saturday, November 6th, 2004
1:36 am
I just now walked to daisuke's house. Yeah. Ummmumumumum! And it's fuckin'...1:30 something. But yeah. Daisuke is..great. He's so nice and comforting. And he kepted me warm <3 lolll.
We kinda just..stood ther for a few minutes and decided to go back and it just goes on from there. He ain't that much of a talker. But that's ok! I'm cool with DAT.

Current Mood: freezing
Friday, November 5th, 2004
9:37 pm
Im at aki's house right now xD. AND currently talkin' to taka, seeing that aki is showering xDD
so yeah.
FULL HOUSE. I haven't seen this show in forevahhh. Woww, I cannotttt get warm. -shiver shiver-
Hmm. Today was pretty fun, I guess. Went to schoool as usual -yawn- Humm. English, French 4 ap, Food science [we made pizza yeah!] aaaand Algebra II. LE GASP. Reminding meee, I made my first passing grade on the algebra test today. EIGHTY FUCKIN' TWO! Yessss. Anyway. We had a pep rally today O_O BUUUT we decided to take off. SOO. Aki's house. We..sat there for a few whiles and went home and stuff. Daisuke's family is...O_O_O_O_O; yeah...;-;
God. Ian was trying to take pictures of me. PICTURES. I'm...not very photogenic. WHO SAYS?! ME. Bitch.

Current Mood: blank
Thursday, November 4th, 2004
10:05 am
Yeahhh..im in that class again. Earlier, i fell asleep >>. but it was sooo comfortable cause i was all wamrm and my binder was my pillow O_o
THIS MORNING was great. Stephan is so warm <3 I love him ;-; xD anyways
I have a goddamn test next period and i didnt study, so im kinda screwed over, but i did my us history hw last night, so its all good -- at least im not failing anymore O_O
Last night, around 8:40, Stephan called me :o It was weird, cause he was like, "You called!" and i was like "Huh." but then, we started talking and his mom got all up in his face and stuff. He was cleaning the kitchen..-tries not to laugh- Then his mom nearly made him get off the phone, but theh he ran away into his room and stuff, so yeah xDD She was like, "WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU WASHED YOUR HAIR?!"
Stephan: "I just did...xD" His mom: "YOU'RE GONNA CUT IT OFF...TOMORROW!!" ugh. she's so mean. And she calls poor Aki 'trashy and hoochie' I wonder what she calls meh =/ She was kinda normal when we were over there the other night. She thanked aki for the eggrolls and such. DUde, i saw his dad and mom for the first time. Scurry.
I have a tonload of jewelry on today and it just bugs my wrists. Stephan's bracelettes jingle together, my watches itch, and the others are just all-around in the way --. I take them off when i have to write something and it takes FOREVER to put it all back on. xDD
Wow. im pretty offtask right now. I THINK that i did my work right, so im just screwin' around right now xD
Cant wait until afterschool. My mom's gonna take me to a Cingular store and get me my own cellphone. CELLPHONE. FINALLY. damn. After all thest years. -tears of joy- I hope its not as bulky as hers..
So yeahh. Mmmkay, im speechless. Goodbye, journal XD

Current Mood: moody
Tuesday, October 26th, 2004
10:14 am
Friday, October 22nd, 2004
10:31 am
Im at school in the same class again XD Everyone goes on the internet, so I AM TOO. damnit. we are so off task. im not gonna type too much cause i dunno if we're gonna go now. oh look, we're about to leave XD. -gets off-
Monday, October 18th, 2004
10:26 am
yayyy i am currently at schooall. xD mmhm, being online in class. bad angie.
Saturday, September 25th, 2004
12:33 am
MMHMM. WE ARE BAD PEOPLE. <<; Oh well. My poor victimization sn was...uh, lost, so hmm. Manda helpedededed me STEAL THIS. ahaha criminals. ex dee ex dee.

Current Mood: calm
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